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Nippon Graphite Industry, ltd.

<Basic principles>

We produce graphite powders, dispersions and electronic parts as comprehensive graphite manufacturer.
Our business strategy is to supply fine products through interdivisional cooperation in research, development, manufacture and continuous improvement of quality. That is based on our company policy メHarmony and Advancementモ.

<Quality policy>

To keep the position as comprehensive graphite manufacturer providing reliable products, we set the basic quality principles “meet our customers’ needs”, “ enhance our customers’ satisfaction” and five quality policies as below.

1. We comprehend customers’ needs and respond accurately and quickly to the requirements and provide the products and services to the customers’ satisfaction.

2.  We comply laws and respond to social requirements such as products safety, compliance with related international and domestic laws and regulations.

3.We place top priority on taking prompt action on customers’ claims and prevent recurrence.

4.We continuously improve the quality management system through management review.


Januaury,2006 acquisition of ISO 9001 certificate

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