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Conductive paste

Pastes for screen printing

Varniphite, Everyohm

  • Widely used for electronic materials and circuits for electronic equipment, and excellent in resistances, lubricity, and environmental protection.

Paints for CRT

Super Collophite, Varniphite

  • Used for CRTs. The black matrix paste is used for coating the inner of the CRT front, it renders the images more sharply by improving the contrast because of its excellent blackness.

Paint for inner : Paint for the wall of the inside of a funnel

  • Several kinds of paint are available for cones, necks, and pins. A graphite-film formed of high-purity and almost impurity-free-graphite-dispersion is capable of accelerating electronic beams and capture the secondary electrons produced from the electrode.

Paints for condenser collectors

Varniphite, Everyohm

  • The paste for condensers is used as a graphite-layer between the manganese-dioxide-layer and the silver-paint-layer of an aluminum or tantalum solid electrolytic condenser.

Paints for various batteries


  • Solvent paint for the inside of a can:
    Widely used for coating the inside of the can of an alkaline manganese battery, reducing the electric contact resistance by its excellent conductivity.
  • Water paint for the inside of a can:
    The water paint, friendly to the environment, is used as a substitute for the solvent paint for the inside of a can, and its performance is not less than the latter.

Paints for planar heaters


  • Varniphite is suitable for a planar heater characterized by its self-control of temperature.


Metal pastes

  • The metal paste, in which high-grade silver powder is added to conductive fillers, is excellent in adhesion to a substrate (polyester film), resistances, and environmental characteristics.

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