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Lubricants for Metal working

Lubricants for hot and warm forgings

Super Collophite, Prophite, etc.

  • Those lubricants are generally used as lubricants and mold lubricant for hot metal workings of iron, stainless steel, and aluminum, and excellent in adhesion to a substrate and improving lubricity and heat resistance.

Lubricants and mold lubricants for squeeze casting

Super Collophite, Prophite

  • Those agents are used for the casting method with the advantages of general die casting and low-pressure casting combined to obtain high-quality casts with only a small number of aluminum blowholes or cast cavities. Super Collophite and Prophite are excellent in heat insulation and lubricity, and evolve only a small quantity of gas.

Lubricants and mold lubricants for die casting

Aldies, Plungerphite

  • Because of its excellent lubricity at high temperature, Plungerphite is suitable for lubricating the sleeve of a plunger with which to force molten metals into a metal die, including aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and copper alloys. For a metal die, Aldies is suitable because of its excellent adhesion to a substrate and lubricity / releasability.

Lubricants for drawing tungsten and molybdenum wires

Super Collophite, Collophite

  • Those lubricants are used for lubrication when drawing tungsten and molybdenum wires, and excellent in lubricity, because they are made of graphite, excellent in dispersibility, good in heat resistance, and containing only a small quantity of impurities.

Others (Metal gasket paste)


  • Coatphite is suited to be sealing metal gaskets used for automobile engine cylinder gaskets and for various industrial machine gaskets. It is also used for preventing the blocking of various gaskets, and particularly excellent in lubricity and flat smoothness.

Molybdenum disulfide lubricants and boron nitride lubricating / releasing agents

Molyphite, LBN
  • Molybdenum disulfide
    It is excellent in lubricity under vacuum, superior to graphite in load resistance and lubrication, and best suited as an extreme pressure lubricant.
    (Pressure resistance: 28,000 g/cm2)
  • Boron nitride
    It is a white solid lubricant, with a chemical formula of BN, excellent in lubricity
    and thermal stability, and can be used up to about 900°C in the air.

Coating Products

Coating items (polyurethane mats, paper, glass fiber, aluminium foil, etc.)
Conductive processing


  • Coating items of polyurethane and cotton cloth
    Polyurethane mats and cotton cloth, impregnated with Coatphite, are used for planar heaters and antistatic agents by taking advantage of the conductivity of Coatphite.



  • Coating items of paper and glass fiber
    Paper and glass fiber, coated with Coatphite, are used for packing by taking advantage of the lubricity of graphite.



  • Coating of aluminium foil, anchor coat, and anticorrosive paste

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