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Graphite Powders for General Use

1.Flake graphite powder

CP Series
External viewx150

We have grouped each specialized powder grade of flake graphite with its lubricative, plastic, and conductive characteristics into a series in this excellent line-up.

Trade nameCP Series

Trade nameCB Series

Trade nameF# Series

2.Amorphous graphite powder

External view of amorphous graphite powderx1000

Exhibits the same black tone as carbon black and but boasts a superior conductivity and lubricativity. Excellent for conductive pastes and rubber compounds.

Trade nameAmorphous graphite

3.Artificial or Synthetic Graphite Powder

PAG Series External view


You can't beat our powdered synthetic graphite for hardness and purity.
Just as with the flake graphite, there is a particle size suited to every use.

Trade namePAG series

褕i–ºHAG series

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