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Highly Purified Graphite Powders

The product of our own technological breakthrough, the highly purifying refining process makes for a great graphite powder. Compared to other products, ash content is minimal and conductivity and lubricating qualities are at their best.

Trade nameACP series

Trade nameACB series

Trade nameSP series

Trade nameHOP series

Laminate Graphite Powders

Laminate Graphite Powders
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Highly suited for conductive resins and for cathode materials, this powder has a highly developed lamination and plasticity.

Spherical Graphite Powders

Spherical series
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A spherical fragmentation process has made the orientation of this series of powdered graphite products extremely superb. This products advantages include its comparatively small specific surface area and high density.
Excellent for use with lithium ion batteries, brushes and related parts.This powder has an extremely low vertical resistance range because of the nature of its spherical particles.

And More....

1.Expanded Graphite Powder

This graphite powder will expand with heat processing to excel as a gasket packing.

2.Special Order Services

We will surface-process acrylic, styrene, MMA, wax, titanite, and stearic acid to order

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