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The 4th Manufacturing Technology Department

In the 4th Production Engineering Division various products are manufactured using various
conductive paints made from conductive pigment with high technology in the 1st Production Engineering Division by our own screen printing technology. Materials of our products are graphite which is crushed and refined in the 2nd Production Engineering Division.
Especially we supply “Heat Seal Connector”to transmit signal circuit from IC Board to liquid crystal in the field of liquid crystal module(LCM) relating to electronics.
In addition, heat seal connector is used in various fields and achieves satisfactory results in also COG(chip on glass) field.
We manufacture “NGI Flex(flexible circuit board)” by making the best use of application and accumulation of connector technology and etching technology, so we can meet customer's needs by supplying many kinds of structures as one-side type and both-sides type.

Flexible Print Circuit Board (FPC) [FlexiblePrintedCircuit]
In response to the demand for highly dense, lightweight, and compact modules, our product line-ups will fit your needs by providing reliable products and reducing the total cost.
Liquid Crystal TV, Digital camera, Mobile phone, Electronic dictionary, Electric wave clock,Touch panel, Small and Midium-sized LCD, Small-sized COG

Antenna film for IC Card, IC Tag [Integrated circuit]
Double faces FPC makes possibility by printing with silver paste on general copper plate through hole.
We can supply various kinds of materials to satisfy all sorts of needs by concentrating of printing for many years and etching technology for antenna film for non-contact IC Card, IC Tag.

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