Management philosophy

Vision [Harmony and Advancement]Management philosophy

No advancement without harmony. No harmony without advancement in every respect.

Harmony and Advancement

Our company’ s philosophy is “Harmony and advancement. No advancement without harmony. No harmony without advancement.”
Our aim is to contribute to our society by providing carbon products for the whole world.
Our company was founded just after World War 1, in the early Taisho era, when Japanese modern industry was experiencing continued development, after its foundation in the Meiji era.
We started by producing the graphite powder for pencils which, at that time, was imported from abroad. Later, we started to produce graphite melting pots.
Since the 1960s when Japanese industries displayed high economic growth, we succeeded in developing new products to meet the demand of car and battery manufactures.
As a form of carbon, graphite is an indispensable material for many industries.
We are convinced that graphite which possesses four major characteristics: lubricity, electric conductivity, resistance to fire, and resistance to acid and alkalis, will have increasing possibilities in ever wider applications. We aim to continue expanding our ability to develop and provide the products to meet these future needs.
「黒 鉛」is a nickname. The real name is「 石 墨」and “Graphite (writing stone(” in English. Graphite consists of the crystal structure of carbon atoms and is environmental friendly substance.
We look forward to your continuing support and understanding. President Yorimitsu Watanabe

CSR policies

Basic principle

Our CSR idea is based on our company’s philosophy of “Harmony and advancement. No advancement without harmony. No harmony without advancement.” Our mission is to “Contribute to people’s happiness and an affluent society, via our manufacturing activities”, and work towards the sustainable development of society.

CSR policies

Contribute to the improvement of society through our corporate activities
Provide safe and high quality products and services, through continuous research and development, and quality control systems.
Promotion of environmental conservation activities
Under our motto “Pass abundant nature on to the next generation”, promote the efforts of active environmental conservation.
Compliance with laws and rules
Comply with laws, social and company rules, pursue fair and proper corporative activities.
Consideration for Human rights and Working environments
Comply with labor laws, respect human rights, and create safe and clean working environments.
Harmony with society
Maintain good communication with the local community and whole society for mutual benefits.

Quality policy [ISO9001]

Basic principles

We produce graphite powders, dispersions and electronic parts as comprehensive graphite manufacturer.
Our business strategy is to supply fine products through interdivisional cooperation in research, development, manufacture and continuous improvement of quality. That is based on our company policy “Harmony and Advancement”.
To keep the position as comprehensive graphite manufacturer providing reliable products, we set the basic quality principles “meet our customers’ needs”, “enhance our customers’ satisfaction” and five quality policies as below.

Quality policy

  1. We comprehend customers’ needs and respond accurately and quickly to the requirements and provide the products and services to the customers’ satisfaction.
  2. We comply laws and respond to social requirements such as products safety, compliance with related international and domestic laws and regulations.
  3. We place top priority on taking prompt action on customers’ claims and prevent recurrence.
  4. We continuously improve the quality management system through management review.
  5. All of our employees understands the quality policy and improves the individual competence with keeping the improvement activities voluntarily under the QMS to attain the quality objective.

Environmental policies [ISO14001]

Environmental principles

Our company is manufacturing graphite powders, mold lubricant agent, electronics parts and others in accordance with the fundamental principles of “Harmony with the environment”. Our company is located against a background of Lake Biwa called Mother Lake with privileged abundant natural environment. We think that global environmental conservation is one of the most important common issues for all humanity.
We make our motto “Pass abundant nature onto the next generation” and promote the efforts on active environmental conservation.

Environmental policies

  1. We are always recognizing the environmental impact concerning our business activity.
    As well as complying with legal imperatives, agreement concerning environment and customers’ request, we promote on the improvement of control level, prevention of environmental pollution and prosecute continual improvement of the environment management system.
  2. We make effort at improving continuously in order to reduce the environmental impact.
    1. We promote on utilize the best of natural resources and reduction of energy consumption.
    2. We reduce the generation of environmentally hazardous substances and promote the proactive prevention of environmental pollution.
    3. We promote the reduction of industrial waste and recycling of resources by fractional recovery.
    4. We promote developments of environmental friendly products as our company strategy.
    5. We promote the beneficial activity for environment also leading to the business improvement and cost reduction.
  3. We set objectives and goals, review them regularly and improve continuously.
  4. We make all our employees get involved in activities to achieve environmental conservation.
  5. We disseminate this policy to all our employees also to the public.