Site Policy

Site Policy


Rights related to all contents published on this website such as texts, graphics, illustrations, screen image, music data and programs (hereinafter collectively called contents) shall belong to our part or original writer.
Private copying of these contents is prohibited to use beyond the scope of permission by law.
Behavior against the Copyright Act and other laws such as reproduction, modification, reprint, sale, and publication are prohibited without the permission of our part or original writer.


Rights related to all trademark and logo, trade name on this website belong to our part or proprietary of individual right. Unauthorized use without legitimate authority is prohibited except permission by trademark law right or other laws.


Our company has no responsibility for the information placed on this website or even if trouble, loss and damage arise from use of our website.
Our company may change or delete construction, terms of use, URL and contents of this website without notice.
We apologize in advance for interruption or stoppage of this site operation.
We apologize in advance for changing these terms of use without notice.

Prohibited matter

The following behaviors are prohibited in using this website.

  • Act for interrupting or affecting this website operation.
  • Act for cause of trouble, disadvantage and damage on other user, third party and our part or with the risk of them.
  • Act for violation of wealth and privacy of other user, third party and our part or with the risk of them.
  • Act of offending public order and morals or with the risk of them.
  • Act of violation of law, regulations or ordinance or with the risk of them.
  • Other act determined inadequacy by our part.

Linked site

Regarding website that the link represents from our site, they should be managed by the responsibility of each operator, so we will give no guarantee of its contents. We accept no responsibility for any troubles or damages arising from use of those sites.
Link means neither our recommendation of the linked website and its contents nor having special relationship between our part and the linked website.

Handling of personal information

Entry form of this website and customer’s personal information by e-mail are under tight control of us. They are not disclosed or provided to a third party unless requested to disclose by judicial investigation agency with proper procedures based on regulations.
Please visit the page of privacy policy for the details.

Governing law

The parties agree that use of this website and interpretation, application of this term are construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless otherwise provided.

Enabled browser

This website is available on the following environment.

  • Internet Explorer 9 or greater.
  • Firefox latest version.
  • Google Chrome latest version.
  • Safari 5 or greater

*See the latest version of each browser which is released.

Caution for browsing

  • Please see this site with enabling accepting cookies.
  • Please see this site with enabling accepting JavaScrpt.
  • All contents may not be displayed correctly depending on the setting or environments of browser.