Privacy Policy

Nippon Graphite Industries, Co., Ltd. ・ Nippon Graphite Industries, Ltd. Privacy policy

Nippon graphite Industries, Co., Ltd. and Nippon Graphite Industries, Ltd.(hereinafter called 「our company」) promotes personal information protection by setting a privacy policy, constructing its mechanism and keeping all employees informed about recognition of its importance and effort as below.

Control of personal information

Our company keeps customer’s personal information accurately and up to date, and takes necessary measures such as maintenance of security system, preparation of control structure, complete employee training and takes safety measures, control personal information strictly to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, damage, alteration and leak.

Utilization purpose of personal information

Personal information received from the customer is used for sending of e-mail or documents in order to advise from our company or introduce of our business and reply to your inquiry.

Prohibition of disclosure or provision to the third party for personal information

Our company controls personal information received from the customer appropriately and does not disclose it to the third party except corresponding to any of the following.

  • In case of the customer’s agreement.
  • In case of disclosure to subcontractor of our company in order to provide the service requested by the customer.
  • In case of necessity of disclosure under the law.

Safety measure of personal information

Our company formulates thoroughgoing security measures to keep accuracy and safety of personal information.

Reference of identity

Our company responds after verifying identification when the customer wants to make inquiries, changes and a deletion about self –information.

Compliance and review of law and rule

As well as complying with applicable Japanese law and other rules regarding personal information possessed by us, our company reviews the contents of this policy appropriately and works towards improvements.


Please inquire the following contact information regarding our company’s treatment for personal information.
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