Graphite Powders

Graphite is dark grey or black, very soft and lubricative substance which has heat resistant, chemically stable, excellent thermal and electric conductive character. We supply various graphite powders as below. Each category have several products series according to particle sizes.

Graphite Use – At A Glance

Graphite Use - At A Glance

Particle size by series

Particle size by series

Product details

Flake Graphite Powder

Image of Flake Graphite Powder
CP Series External view

We have grouped each specialized powder grade of flake graphite with its lubricative, plastic, and conductive characteristics into a series in this excellent line-up.

Product code
CP Series
CB Series
F# Series

Amorphous Graphite Powder

Image of Amorphous Graphite Powder
External view of Amorphous Graphite Powder

Exhibits the same black tone as carbon black and but boasts a superior conductivity and lubricativity. Excellent for conductive paints and rubber compounds.

Product code
Amorphous Graphite Powder Series

Synthetic Graphite Powder

Image of Synthetic Graphite Powder
PAG Series External view

You can’t beat our powdered synthetic graphite for hardness and purity. Just as with the flake graphite, there is a particle size suited to every use.

Product code
PAG Series
HAG Series

Highly Purified Graphite Powder

Image of Highly Purified Graphite Powder
Highly Purified Graphite Powders External view

The product of our own technological breakthrough, the highly purifying refining process makes for a great graphite powder. Compared to other products, ash content is minimal and conductivity and lubricating qualities are at their best.

Product code
ACP Series
ACB Series
SP Series
HOP Series

Laminate Graphite Powder

Image of Laminate Graphite Powder
Laminate Graphite Powder External view

Highly suited for conductive resins and for cathode materials, this powder has a highly developed lamination and plasticity.

Product code
UP Series
GR Series
CMX Series

Spherical Graphite Powder

Image of Spherical Graphite Powder
Spherical Series , External view

A spherical fragmentation process has made the orientation of this series of powdered graphite products extremely superb. This product’s advantages include its comparatively small specific surface area and hight density.
Excellent for use with lithium ion batteries, brushes and related parts. Tihs powder has an extremely low vertical resistance range because of the nature of its spherical particles.

Product code
CGC Series
CGB Series

Expandable Graphite powder

Image of Expandable Graphite powder
Expandable Graphite Series , External view

Expandable by heat treatment and suit for gasket packing.

Product code
EXP Series

Special Order Services

Image of Special Order Services
Special Order Services External view

Surface treated graphite powders with wax, titanite, stearic acid and other surface treatment agents at request.