Electronic parts

We are making a prototype and manufacturing electronic parts such as contactless IC card, antenna substrate for tag centering on electronics relation by making excellent use of our own printing and etching techniques with graphite materials and various conductive paint in order to meet all kinds of customer’s needs.

Product details

Antenna for IC card

Film antenna in a roll of width of max.500mm is provided with our high-definition etching technique and screen printing. Both copper and aluminum foil is available.
Condenser of back side with our own through hole technique with silver paste is available.

Image of Antenna for IC card

Copper etching antenna

Image of Copper etching antenna

Low resistance antenna wiring with electrolytic copper foil.
Many experiences of UHF frequency for long-range communication due to stabilize with low resistance.
It is suitable for high-definition antenna pattern because of no heat generation at etching.

Application : All sorts of label(medical, security), banking facilities card

Aluminum etching antenna

Image of Aluminum etching antenna

It can be supplied at lower cost than copper type.
Aluminum foil is easily influenced of oxide layer but it keeps better connection reliability than caulking method by using of our own silver paste.

Application : Driver’s license, passport

Small tag for NFC antenna

Image of Small tag for NFC antenna

NFC is abbreviation of Near Field Communication and antenna for close-range communication everyone have data communication easily by only waving over a reader. We can do press work or lamination as well as screen printing so customization is available.

Application : Smartphone

Constituent material list

AL foil type
  metal foil/base film PET 38μm PET 50μm PET 9μm
A side AL foil 9μm
15μm 15μm
30μm 30μm 20μm
A/B side jumper circuit TH type B side Ag TH type B side Ag A side Basecoat/Ag
B side carrior tape PET 50μm

Cu foil type
  metal foil/base film PET 38μm PET 50μm PET 12μm
A side Cu foil 18μm 18μm 18μm
35μm 35μm
A/B side jumper circuit TH type B side Ag TH type B side Ag A side Basecoat/Ag
B side carrier tape PET 50μm

Screen printing substrate ・ Processing

We can meet various customer’s needs by using of our own dispersion techniques and high-definition printing techniques. And also we can meet customer’s needs with all-around processing techniques like fine etching of metal foil, plate processing, cutting or punching process.

Image of Screen printing substrate/Processing

Capacitance sensor key sheet

Image of Capacitance sensor key sheet

Detail image 1 of Capacitance sensor key sheet Detail image 2 of Capacitance sensor key sheet

From push to touch. Detection of capacitance change by person’s touching.
Full-flat excellent design is available. Whelming reliability without breakdown or trouble in comparison with automatic intermittent switch.
We can provide various capacitance touch sensor based on screen printing technique from years of experience with various conductive paint as well as PE-DOT. Besides we can provide the products bundled with control IC to drive sensor.
We can meet wide range of customer’s needs from transparent touch sensor with PE-DOT to competitive one with our own graphite paint.

Screen printing substrate

Image of Screen printing substrate

Our through hole is the technique for connecting two sides wiring by printing conductive paint (silver, graphite) on both sides with screen printing method and pouring paint into through hole after making a hole in base material.
Aluminum foil is commonly affected by oxide layer but it keeps reliability of connection more than caulking method by use of our own silver paint.
PET wiring board printed by conductive paint on thin polyester film is very thinner than PCB board, suitable to lighter and compact module and more reasonable material than FPC.

Punching ・ slit of various film

Image of Punching/slit of various film

We can provide diverse and high-precision punching press appropriate to customer’s needs by selecting of combination with our various press machines and adequate dies, blades.

Please do not hesitate to consult us for many requests such as various thickness, punching, half cutting, sheet or roll.